Everyday Tips

Reduce Stress
Stress has many negative effects if not managed and reduced. Stress is known to cause minor ailments to major illnesses. It is important to find ways to managed the stress levels.

Develop spirituality
Developing the spiritual side, has major benefits ranging from mind stimulation to increasing awareness.

Socialise and have fun
It is important to engage with family and friends, socialise, and have fun. Laughter is vital.

Mental Stimulation
Engage in novel activities, such as brushing your teeth with your ‘weaker’ hand. Cognitive training interventions such as Fast ForWord can ‘rewire’ and strengthen neural connection for a sharper mind.

Healthy Diet
On top of a healthy and balanced diet, the following have shown to be especially useful in maintaining optimal brain health: Folic acid, omega 3 & 6, B-complex, and anti-oxidants.

One needs to maintain efficient and sufficient blood flow to the brain!

Studies have shown that learning consolidation takes place during certain phases of sleep